For the sake of primary school nostalgia, introductions will be made in the form of the 5 W's (please tell me I wasn't the only child subjected to this formula?!):

WHO: Evelyn or 'Eve'; a recent high school graduate with a talent for procrastination, a peculiar sense of humour (I apologise in advance for any lame dad jokes), way too much time and a new-found passion for all things beauty.

WHAT: A blog containing my thoughts and entries about beauty products, fashion, music and, well, life in general.

WHEN: Um, now? Or at least for as long as you are willing to read...

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia, and wherever I venture to from here (probably not far given that I'm quickly discovering that 'uni student' is synonymous with 'broke').

WHY "aprileve"? Because in 1996 my parents named me 'Evelyn' and some time later my friends named me 'Eve'. Oh, and I was born in April.

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